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Want To Make Extra Income?

Join our affiliate program and make money online. Get a life time commission when you register member customers or other affiliates. You can start to make money online 24/7  if you join our affiliate program.

We have set up an affiliate plan to help people run their own online business and if  you will to join  kindly register with code 1309 at You don't need to buy Neolife products and sell but we will do the selling and you just promote your online business and work from home.

All you need is to get your reference code and give it to anyone who wishes to buy our products. To do so you need to be introduced by some one into the program. Get a code from the person who showed this affiliate marketing program and use that reference code to register into this affiliate marketing business. When you register you will get your own code plus your own affiliate website to display products to potential customers instantly.

After you got your code, you can send it to all the people you know including family members and friends to henceforth shop at our site through your link - your affiliate website store.

You can promote your store anywhere online including free classified, social medias like facebook page, twitter, instagram, your bogs, your website etc. and even advertise it if you know how to run online business. If you have no knowledge about online business and will like proper training so you can make money online 24/7 working from home then you need our eBook: How to Make Money Online Training. The book will teach you step by step on how you can start making money from the internet within 7 days. Introductory price for this book is N5,000. When you pay this to Growing Team Shop account, IBTC Bank 0011759079, it will be sent to your email box to download and use within 24hrs of getting your payment alert. Just send your email address to receive the eBook.


Compensation Plan

There are two ways to make money on our program.

1) You earn commission on sales made through your link

2) You earn commission on other sub-affiliates who join the program through your link.


Commission Calculation Chart

You earn per point on each products sold.

1)The company pays a minimum of N25.00 per point and a maximum of N28.00 on all your personal points. This includes points purchased by the people you referred.

2) You will be paid N4 on all the points made by your sub-affiliates. This means you earn on each sub-affiliates points including their customers.

3) Affiliates can start cash out (get paid commission) when their commission reach N5,000 and above.

Note: There is a maintenance fee that is only charge at cash out which is not higher than 5%.

To make money in our program is to target how many points you wish to make monthly to achieve the amount you wish to earn. There is not pressure or status to achieve. This means you can decide to earn commission every month or chose which month to earn.


10 customers who makes 100 points will earn you N25,000 commission monthly

20 customers will earn you N50,000 commission monthly

50 customers  will earn you N125,000 commission monthly

Calculation is 100 x 25.00 (minimum Payment). The points the money you will make.

To start earning N28 per points you need to achieve 10,000 points and above. This means you need to have a minimum of 100 customers.

It is easy to achieve the number of customers because you are giving them the opportunity to buy our products at the cheapest price.

Just place your affiliate link under your text ads or send it as sms to friends etc.

Buy vitamins and supplements cheaper or Buy GNLD products Cheaper as member. Enjoy over 50% discount for life. Send it as sms. You can text it to anyone you wish to introduce to our affiliate program.. Direct them to your affiliate link with your reference code.

You will receive more online adverts banners to make it easier for you when you register.

Register with code 1309 or the code given to you at

The more people you give your flyers or your link, the more people will contact us to buy and more points you will make without investing any money or hawking products to sell.

 Our company will do the selling, packaging and delivery and pay you commissions.

Enter our affiliate site  and register with the code you were given at Get your reference code now!

If you don't have a code you can use this code 1309 to register at

Disclaimer: Earning depends on individual efforts. Earning displayed here is to show you possible earnings only.


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