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GNLD neolfe company business compensation and marketing plan in Nigeria and Africa
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    You are welcome to our business opportunity. Get Started With Neolife!


    We are urgently searching for serious business minded people in the following cities. Are you really serious about starting a business? If so start business with any of our packages and represent us in Abuja, Lagos, Benin, Enugu, Abeokuta, Uyo, Owerri, Offa, Calabar, Ibadan, Ikorodu, Kano, Kaduna, Akure, Oshogbo, Ondo, Port Harcourt and Bayelsa. Your address and phone number will be displayed on our site for customers in your area to call and buy from you.

    Since we need about 3 persons in each city, if you are among the first 3 persons, we will add all other persons in your cities into your team to work with you. Be the first, act now!

    You can start your Neolife Business with any of the packages mentioned below. Start your free online training here

    .If you still have questions please see answers

    1. You can call Mercy on business hours 08035394569 or Samuel on 08070771641. You can fill the Neolife application form here.
    2. Select any of the packages to start your Neolife business below.
  • Affiliate Program: You can join our affiliate program for free. If your affiliate membership is approved, you will receive an ID number and online flyers you can print to promote your affiliate marketing effort in your online business.   You don't need to sell anything but refer customers to us and we will do selling, packaging and delivery and pay you commission. Your part is to  display our banners at  your online blogs, social medias or your offline shop/office or online at facebook pages, twitter, whatsApps etc to refer customers to us  with your affiliate code number on all your flyers/banner so customers can use it to make purchase from us.

    Other Benefits Include:  

    1. You receive different percentage of commission on products purchases made by customers

         2. You receive N2,000 per registered member with us, that is if a customer want to buy from us regularly and register as member to buy cheaper,              you will be reward immediately the customer make his or her first order.

         3. You earn N25 per PV (points) made on all your registered members' purchases.customers. More training on this when you join. Anyone can join, existing GNLD distributors can join as it is a program that can help people make money online 24/7. Start your affiliate business by s sending your full name, email address, phone number and location to and when you are approved you will receive your ID number with 48 hours.

    NEOLIFE Business Opportunity

    1. Beginners' Package: You start with N16,250 and you will receive an ID number, flyers, marketing plan, a beautiful carrier bag, and one products call Provitality. You can market the Provitality for N16,580 or more.
    2. Manager's Package: You can start with N95,000 and receive everything the beginners received plus 6 Chelated Calmag and a carton(6) of Provitality. These are hot combination for solution to body pains and aches which is easy to market  and this will qualify you as Manager in the company plus earn your first bonus in this same month you joined. You will also get free books from Growing Team, like "effective combination of Neolife Supplements" eBook, and How to live longer eBook.
    3. Senior Manager's Package: You can start with N185,000 and you will receive everything in Manager's package plus the following in your package.You will get fast selling products that includes 6 Omega-3, 1 masculine, 1 feminine, 1 Chelated zinc, 1 LDC, 1 Vitamin e, 1 Garlic, 1 Vitamin C. You also have the option of choosing products you like. You will also receive additional free book from Growing Team like "20 ways to make 1000 PV personally every month". This book will show you ways to make more PV (points) monthly and qualify to earn bonus every month. This package also qualify you for the post of Senior Manager in the company plus you will earn your first bonus the same month you joined. Fill the Neolife application form here.

    Note: After filling the form, make transfer of the package you have chosen to Neolife company bank account below. But if you don't know how to do transfer online or from your phone, you can pay cash directly to Growing Team account below add bank charges so your registration fee will not be affected. Most bank will request for distributor's detail so copy this down (Okpubigho Mercy & ID No. 0887257) and write it on the transfer form if you are doing physical transfer.  But if you are doing online transfer, write it on "remark" or  "transaction description" space provided. Distributor name & ID No. to write: Okpubigo Mercy  ID number: 0887257.


    Method of Payment

    Bank Transfer:

    Transfer to:


    Zenithbank 1010248345

    GTB 002708827

    First bank: 2007572015

    and send details with your name to 08035394569


    CASH PAYMENT (use account below)

    Directly cash payment (you need to add N210 bank fee before you make payment)

    Growing Team 

    IBTC Bank: 0011759079

    Eco Bank

    A/c Number: 0592011991

     If you have any challenge please call us to help you.

    You can fill the Neolife application form here.

    Call Mercy on business hours 08035394569 or Samuel on 08070771641.  You can fill the Neolife application form here.


    Disclaimer: Earnings are not guaranteed as that depends on the efforts of individuals.

    Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Vitamins and supplements,and other products in this site are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication.

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