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We want to introduce to you a company that is into the healthcare business. As you know, health business is a booming business. 

We have Millions of Nigerians who are Diabetic! Based on the Nigeria diet, diabetes is predicted to become an epidemic in a few more years. The cost of management is high; the drugs are not even curative.

Weak erection is also a menace! The population of unsatisfied wives is also on the increase. High blood pressure management drugs weaken erectile functions. The population of those who have these challenges are becoming alarming and even 20 years experience this erection problem these days. What about fibroid? Due to delay in getting married couple with bad diet, many ladies are fighting with fibroid. What of the most common health challenge in Nigeria, which is Malaria and typhoid?  What of High Blood Pressure? We have seen many people that died in their sleep or slum during the day than before. What about infection? The third killer disease is infection and new bacteria and parasite are coming up every day. Many people are struggling with staph infection; Candida or yeast infection, PID etc. What about hormonal imbalance which causes infertility and miscarriage. What of sexually transmitted infection is spreading and many more health challenges.

The market space for solving any of these problems is in the millions.

Money follows value! The more problems you can help people solve, the wealthier you can become. GROWING TEAM is bringing you a life transforming product with quick effects. This is surely an opportunity to help people around you, live healthy lives, and also empower you to earn phenomenal income while attending to these health problems. People these days realize how expensive hospital bills can be and are therefore take care of their health more than before.

 The PRO VITALITY is scientifically proven. . . It's Nature's Pure Marvel! It has all key nutrients the body need to stay healthy and avoid chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and infection.

 In today’s world, 90%of people don’t eat the recommend 5-13 servings of fruits and vegetables.  70% of people admit to eating foods which actually contribute to poor health.

Health authorities like the World Health Organisation, Centres for Disease Control, American Heart Association, National Cancer Institute, and American Diabetes Association agree that the key to preventing disease and promoting good health is weight management, physical activity and eating nutrient-rich diet that includes whole grains, fruit & vegetables and fish.

With this in mind Neolife Introduced Provitality to bridge the gap of lack proper nutrients in today’s diet.

Provitality: Pro-active Nutrition for Lifelong Health and Vitality

These Powerful Nutrients Support:

  • Abundant Energy
  • Powerful Antioxidant protection
  • Lifelong Heart Health
  • Optimum Immune Strength
  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Flexible, Healthy Joints
  • Clear Vision
  • Youthful Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Natural Genetic Anti-Aging Function


Tre en en Grain Concentrates: This will feed your cells and enhance your energy

This is the world’s first and only whole grain lipids and sterols supplement proven to enhance energy and vitality by optimizing cellular nutrition.*

Carotenoids Complex: Protect your cells and optimize your immunity

The only whole food supplement clinically proven b USDA researchers to protect your heart defend your cells and boost your immune power.*

Omega – III Salmon Oil Plus: Balance and regulate your cells and maximise good health. The world’s finest ultra pure high potency fish oil is complete with standardized amount of all eight Omega 3. Clinically PROVEN to support heart and cardiovascular health and screened for over 200 potential contaminants with an allowable detection limit of ZERO.*

Essential Vitamin & Mineral Complex: Nourish your cells and it is more than just a Multi.

A blend of 21 essential vitamins and minerals which will helps bridge the dietary gap in many of today’s diets. It has exclusive plant-sourced enzymes to support digestion and absorption of critical nutrient. Added to this is iron that increases the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to promote vitality.*


If you look at the list of ailments, and the potential of this amazing health product line, you’ll easily see people around you that need your help.  Provitality plus is exclusively distributed by Neolife distributors, and offers you an opportunity to make health changes in your life and that of your friends and loved ones.  The testimonies are abundant and as you can see in this Provitality video, the market is BIG!

Also you will love to be involved in other people’s success stories; there are not many businesses out there where you can freely train others without the fear of creating competition for yourself.  If you are tailor and train others, they will share your customers with you.  Neolife opportunity is one of those business models where those who bring sunshine to the lives of others are always rewarded

As the people you introduce to this business idea succeed, you too will also succeed. 


All you need to do is to join as a distributor and follow the plan below. Fill the application here

Get Stated With One of Our Starter Packs.

Let’s Make A Difference In The World Together!

Become our representative in your city and we will send all customers or others who wish to register in your area to you so you can grow faster if you make payment on or before 28th February 2018.

Choose any package to get started and if you want an ID card prepare for you at the same time, send one colour passport and add N1, 500 for the ID CARD to the registration fee you have chosen before you make transfer. 

Starter pack of Neolife Registration fee is N16, 250 and it has a business kit full of information to you run business and one product - PROVITALITY PLUS

Manger pack: Registration fee is N95, 750 and it has a business kit full of information to you run business with 6 packets of PROVITALITY PLUS.

Senior Manager Pack: Registration fee is N197, 050 and it has a business kit full of information to you run business with 12 packets of PROVITALITY PLUS and 6 bottles of Chelated Cal-mag another products that goes with Provitality for arthritis and rheumatism. 


see many Nigerians that are successful in this business.

See Top earners worldwide  Enjoy international travel as you see Nigerians in this video

This is what you need to do to run your own successful Neolife Network Marketing Business and achieve all your dreams.

For easier explanation, we are going to use the starter pack to illustrate what you should do to make money in the business. See graphic presentation below to understand this better. You can gain more from this Neolife business ideo

1) Transfer the registration fee and get your first product and ID number. You will receive the business kit and the product if you pay N16, 250. You will receive PROVITALITY in your kit. The benefits of PROVITALITY are in this video and attached to our graphic below. You can forward the video to your prospective customers to see benefits and buy from you. Do this online at your social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp and even offline to everyone that you know people to watch to attract customers.

2) For you to make money, you must use the product in your kit to feel the benefits and get your own testimonial about the products you used. Now Provitality has 30 sachets in the pack.  You can decide to use some and sell some sachets to friends & family member to test it too. You can sell a sachet for N600 or N1, 000 depending on the customers’ purchasing power. You will get a profit of N4, 240 per packet if you sell all 30 sachets at N600 per sachets. You will gain more if you sell higher

3) To kick start your business, write the names of all the people you know everywhere down (including those in your city and outside your city, ask your family members to remind you of names of people so you can write at least 100-300 names on your list of people to contact). Introduce your business and products to them.

Now book appointment with the people whose name you have written down on your list of names. Just ask them when is the best time to call or to meet and discuss. Write the appointment down and make sure you keep it. Do not accept appointment when you know you can’t be there. It is bad for your business.

Now, let assume you have completed your online and you can start like this: I have just started a part time business and here is the products that is helping people enjoy sound health and all day energy and l want you to try it. Everybody needs extra money and if you also want extra money, l can show you the plan on how you make N120, 000 or N300, 000 to your present income part time.

When they ask to explain to them, just explain what is here - follow the list 1-8 here... You can print it out so it will be easy for you to follow.

4) From your list of names, register at least 3 persons who understand you and place other who did not understand or don’t want to earn extra money on your customer’s list. Encourage them to try a sachet or two of PROVITALITY to see the efficacy of our products.  

5) To earn money: From this list, search for people who can purchase one packet of Provitality per month. Ask them also to refer 5 of their friends to you too and your business will be in full swing. If you succeeded in marketing 7 packets in a month, you will be qualified to earn a bonus from Neolife Company. The bonus at first is very small bonus because this is a network marketing business.  You may earn between N1, 500 to N2, 500. It is when you have introduced other people into your group that really money will start flowing in.

 Why is it like that? The reason is that as at that moment, you are practicing the LAW of POVERTY. The law of poverty says WORK A LONE. When you work alone you may not be rich just like we see when people work in companies all their lives and end up poor. You have seen small shop owners in your city that were popular but are no more. Many of them end up poor due to old age or trends which they can't meet up. E.g. Welders; tailors; private law firm owners; private clinic owners etc. When most people train others, their students share their customers with them and sometimes customers may abandon them due to old fashion or old system of doing things. Many of small business owners end up poor at old age. The reason is that they were practicing the LAW OF POVERTY without knowing. It is work and earns and no work no money but this is not the case with network marketing. This model help you get passive income. Register someone today and end every time, the person purchase. Introduce customers to Neolife International once and get credited bonus every time the customer buys. It is easy to see this in MTN. Every time you recharge your phone line, MTN get credited whether the owner is in the office or not. They earn 24/7 as people recharge their phone lines.

Many people are still on that road today. People searching for job vacancy or learning a trade to make a living are those who  are going to end up poor after 35 years because they working alone to earn their living and can never become. ONE IS TOO SMALL A NUMBER to achieve greatness. You need to add people to your team to make it in life.

We are happy; you decided to start a network marketing business. This mean you want to practice the LAW OF WEALTH. This law says work with people and create wealth. This is what Banks, MTN, Dangote practice. They have people working with them and have many branches of their company nationwide. These companies are network companies - that is they have many branches. Imagine, First bank having over 200 branches? If one branch make a profit of N1million in a month, that will be N200 million for the owners of First Bank. The same goes for MTN, Dangote and others who are into network marketing business.

Now if you were to start a network company like MTN or Dangote you will need huge capital and approved products that people use daily and you will need workers you will pay monthly. Do you have that kind of money? Probably not. This is why we are connecting you to Neolife International Company so you can register people everywhere like having branches of your company. Let us say, we have 36 states and you register 36 persons, one person in each state of Nigeria. You help those people to become a director and for helping those people, Neolife Company want to pay you N50, 000 for every director in your group. Now that you have 36 directors, how much will you earn monthly? That will be N1.8million monthly! Wow! This is the power of network marketing. This is LAW OF WEALTH. You earn big when you bring others into your group.

That is how we make money in this business and you will see step by step training when you complete your online training.

To help you grow faster, we will send customers in your city to you and those who wish to register to you too ONLY if you pay your registration fee on or before 28th February 2018.

Beginners Income:

6) As a beginner, you have registered 3 persons in your group plus you is now 4. If every one of you market 7 packets of PROVITALITY each, you will be paid N20, 000. You 3 down-lines will also their bonus too.

7) Next step, your help your 3 persons to get their 3 persons each and that will be 12 persons in your group plus you is 13.  If everyone market 7 packets of PROVITALITY or make 250 points (all the products have points attached and this Provitality has 36 points). You will receive N120, 0000 monthly.

8) Your next step is to encourage the 3 persons you registered to also have 12 persons in their group like you. As soon as your 3 persons got 12 persons each in their group - meaning you now have 39 (12 persons plus the person you registered is 13) plus you is now 40, you will earn N300, 000 monthly.

You can register another set of 3 persons and repeat as explained above again. The more people you bring into your group or team, the more money you make. You can run this part time or full time. You can run it online or offline.

When you complete the online training, you will understand this business better, so sign into the 10 days online training now. The training will explain every step of the ways to make money and travel abroad for FREE. Complete the training and for you to represent us in your city, you must send us the answers to the questions you get after the training and pay your registration fee on or before 28th February 2018.

Below is the graphic display of what we just explained to you.  You can print it out and explain this to your friends and everyone you know or come in contact with. Now your future is in your hands. You can change it for the better. Start today and pay the registering fee without delay.


Transfer to: GNLD Ltd. Zenith bank 1010248345

Send teller number or online transfer reference number to: (you will see the number when you get alert of your transfer)

080353945469, 08024594410, 08070771641 and your form will be forwarded to the company for processing.

Note: Payment takes one day for confirmation. 

If you have questions, please send a mail or call during the day.

Call Mercy on 08035394569, 0802454410 or Samuel on 08070771641 or 09092916111


Disclaimer: Everybody earns differently. There is no guarantee that you will earn the same without putting the same efforts.
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