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Welcome to an opportunity to start mlm business and make more money. Discover how you too can make over N300, 000 monthly with this business idea. If you are searching for a network marketing business or you want to start business and need a simple business plan, here is the opportunity you want. Make money through network marketing.

What is network marketing? It is a system where finished products get to consumers and those who make it possible is rewarded in form of bonus and other incentives. We can only explain the system to the likes of MTN and Dangote having chains of branches or network of branches or lines. When you join multi level marketing business, you also have the power to have many branches but this time is customers and distributors you connect to the main company. Yes, you introduce people to your mlm company as distributors or customers and get paid for it. This is what happens when you recharge your MTN card or buy Dangote products - the company make profits but in network marketing set up, the company share that profits with you who brought them customers. This save the company money in advertising like MTN will do.

 You can only create wealth when you build a network channels where money comes from. Dangote became rich because he built a network of businesses. MTN owners became rich because they build network of users of their GSM lines. Decide to build your own network marketing business so you can make money and create wealth too. If you work alone like salary earners or shop owners do, you will end up poor like 95% of them are today. Look around you and you will find them on your street. Popular shops on your street before are gone while those who spent years working for companies are now retired poor. We know you don't want to end up like that hence you are searching for ways to make more money or start your own business.

 There are just two laws - the law of poverty and the law of wealth. The law of poverty says work alone and end up poor while the law of wealth says work with people and create wealth. Which one will you like to follow? I know you want to follow the law of wealth but where will you see huge capital say N500,000 000 to start your own network company like MTN or Dangote, Bank owners etc? How will you get products that is used daily or monthly that people will continue to buy and licence them plus promote them so people will start buying? It is not easy to raise such money hence network marketing business is where a single man can join others to form a team so as tap into the system of wealth – NETWORK - WORKING WITH OTHERS.

Here is an opportunity to join a network marketing company that open their doors for people to team up with others to move companies products to consumers. Most network companies don't sell their products directly to consumers and that is where you and l come in. We will become the middle men, consumers will buy such goods through us.

The good news is we have all recommended things to our friends and relatives in the past. We have recommended phones, shops where we buy things to our friends to also buy from that same shop but we have not been paid for such recommendation. This is all there is in network marketing business. You recommend the products to all your friends and relatives and you are paid. Simple? Right, it is simple, just switch all the people you know to buy from the company your represent and this time is Neolife International. The company manufacture health products, skin care products, farm fertilizer liquid and home and office cleaning products. Just choose an aspect and recommend product in that area and the company will pay you monthly. The more recommendation, the more money.

When you join a Network Company as a distributor, you will be given an ID number so that when anyone you refer or recommended to the company as consumers or distributors purchase from the company, such purchases will be credit to your ID number so you can be paid bonus.  This is exactly, what Chief Awolowo did when he signed up with Coca cola those days - that for every bottle sold “give me 1%”. His share is still being paid to his children up till now that he is dead. He has pass on wealth to his family. This same thing was repeated by our past president Obasanjo when he said any time Nigerians recharge their phones with MTN card he should be paid N1 and up till now he is still receiving that. These people can never end up poor. This is the opportunity we are sharing with you. You can join Neolife network company and get an ID number and any time the customers or other distributors you referred or recommended purchased, you too will be credited. Imagine you were able to referred 100 person over time and you are being paid N5,000 for each person's purchases, how much will be your earning whether you work or not? This is the business idea we are showing you today.

 Now the big question is do you have a system like that? Yes, where you are credited any time someone buys something, you will be paid? I mean if a friend purchase anything you recommended, are you paid?  If not, you are lucky to be here because you can do that now with this business opportunity we are offering you. We wish to introduce you to this opportunity where you can bring people to buy and get paid monthly. Yes, you will be paid when you introduce distributors and consumers. What this mean is that when someone you connect to Neolife International Company bought health products or any other products, you will be paid for life!  All you need to get started is to join Neolife business as a distributor today! You can join with any package you can afford below.

 Imagine you are paid N40,000 per distributor who has become a director and N3,000 per consumer - someone who bought a cup of vitamin, how many people will you recommend to the company? It is now your decision to make the kind of money you deserve. The more people you recommend to buy or do business with the company, the more money you will make. The more people drink coca cola, the more money Chief Obafemi Awolowo makes and the more people that recharge their MTN lines, the more money Chief Obasanjo makes. This is what is called network marketing business and we recommend things daily to friends and loved ones but we are not paid for it. This time around you will be paid if you start this recommendation business today.

 Now that you got the full meaning and you have seen how people are making more money without being present all the time like salary earners and shop owners do; we wish to introduce you to... NEOLIFE International company.

 Yes, since you may not have the money to start your own MTN, Bank or Coca cola business etc, we are happy to introduce you to Neolife multi level marketing business.

 Here you will introduce other people as distributors or consumers and the company will pay you monthly. So this mean, you introduce the person once and get paid every time that person purchase from the company and so you will now receive passive income - you don't need to work again but continue to receive whenever the person purchase, just like when Nigerians recharge their MTN lines.

 Have you set up such a business where money will be coming without further working? If no, grab Neolife business today. This company will help you run a successful Network Marketing Business. This company will allow you to set up passive income - that is introduce people to use their products and every time those people purchase, just like loading MTN card, you will earn a bonus. This is the only way, one man can participate in the law of wealth creation which many companies such as Banks, MTN, Dangote etc are doing today.

 Now that you know you can participate in the law of wealth by working with people and introduce users of Neolife products, we will be happy to partner with you in Neolife Company. With this you can send to the company many people who wish to use their products and get paid each time they buy. It is your decision to send few or many customers. With our experience, you can earn as much as you want. If you can send them 39 distributors and 12 or more customers who buy from them (just like people recharge their MTN line with recharge card) monthly you could be earning N300,000 bonus monthly. Get full training when you join and we will support you to succeed. You will go through a 10 days online training that will show you what to do to succeed.

 Just like MTN, you need to buy the phone line to get started. In this Neolife Business, you also need to pay for your ID number and get a sample of their products to get started. Check below the registration package you can afford to start this business.

 If you are ready to earn money each time people buy products from Neolife company, read the presentation below with open mind and without distraction so you can start to grow your wealth too. You can also see how a student made millions recommend these products in this video.

This company reward their distributor with international travel. You can travel every year for free if you join them just like you can see in the video. They also give out cash to top distributors as incentive apart from their monthly bonus. You will discover how to win free travel and cash during your training. We are here to support you if you start now. Right now, we are urgently looking for people in different cities and the first person to pay for their registration will get the rest people in that city. Quickly fill the form and pay within 3 days and be qualified for this chance and we will also send you two eBook to support you. These eBooks show you how to run a successful Neolife business and how to market the company products world wide. Yes, will also give you an opportunity to make money online with our affiliate program for free. This means you have the chance to start making money from home in different currency. Detail training will follow when you get started in this business.

 All you need to get started is to chose one of the two packages displayed below to start your own network marketing business today.  

Register by Filling the Neolife application form and it will be forwarded to Neolife company. After filling the form, pay the registration fee to Neolife International Ltd, Zenithbank 1010248345 and send us the details of your payment for confirmation and processing of your registration. While waiting to receive your business kit and sample products, you can Complete the 10 days online training to understand how to run this business better.

One more good news for you, if you pay within 3 -7 days of filling the form we will place other people in your area into your group and send customers in your city to you - terms and conditions apply- First person in the city gets all.

Hurry as you never know when someone in your city might start. Be the first in your city Fill the Neolife application form now and pay. Do not pay to any individual account but to the Neolife company account directly, this way your payment is secured, no individual can cash out your payment from the company bank account.

Choose A Pack

Starter Pack: Registration fee is N21,000

1) A business kit with your own ID number and one Provitality pack. See Provitality benefits video here

You will get full training on how to connect people and get customers when you register.

2) You will get a free affiliate online store for you to make money online 24/7.

3) You will get two of our eBooks for Free: Neolife Business Building Bullet Proof Plan and Neolife business book

These eBooks will be sent to your email box to download and use when you start with this package. The books are prepared in pdf format so they are easy to download with adobe reader.


Registration fee is N105,000 and you will get:

1) A Manager business kit with your own ID number and 7 Provitality packets(or you can make selection of products you like) and you will earn bonus the same month joined.

2) You will get 3 of our eBooks for FREE: 

a) Neolife Business Building Bullet Proof Pla

b) 20 ways to achieve 1000+ PV Personally Monthlyit help you market the company products and achieve the required monthly points (PV) that will help you earn extra bonus monthly

c) How To Sponsor Many Distributors- This will show how get more people to join your team so you grow faster in this business.

3) You will get your own affiliate links to make money online 24/7

4) Your name and city will displayed at our online store so people can see and ask to contact you.


SENIOR MANAGER PACK: This is for serious business minded people who wish to tap into the booming health industry.

 Registration fee is N600,000 and you will get

1) A Senior Manager business kit with your own ID number and select products of your choice

2) You will have a weight measure machine, blood pressure monitor

3) You will have a small laptop and quantum machine with free training so as hasten your process of getting customers

4) You will have two roll up banners to advertise your business at your venue

5) A personal website to market your products online and make money online 24/7 and free training on home to make money online eBook.

6) You will also get 3 of our eBooks for FREE: 

a) Neolife Business Building Bullet Proof Pla

b) 20 ways to achieve 1000+ PV Personally Monthlyit help you market the company products and achieve the required monthly points (PV) that will help you earn extra bonus monthly

c) How To Sponsor Many Distributors- This will show how get more people to join your team so you grow faster in this business.

7) You will get your own affiliate links to make money online 24/7 free 

Note: Only people who paid for their registration fee within 3-7 days will be qualified to receive our free eBooks

All eBooks will be sent to your email box to download and use when you start with this package. The books are prepared in pdf so they are easy to download with adobe reader.

Transfer the amount you wish to start this business and send the teller number or if you did online transfer, send the transaction details to us and we will forward your filled registration form to the company so they can register you and sent your business kit to you. Fill the Neolife application form now!

You will receive your business kit anywhere in Nigeria withing 3-8 days depending on the distance from Lagos to your own destination.



Transfer and NOT CASH Payment


Zenithbank : 1010248345

FIRST BANK : 2007573015

Thist is your opportunity to tap into the network marketing business opportunity to get paid bonus every time someone you introduce purchased.

Note: Do not pay to any individual accounts but directly to the company account above to secure your payment.

Income Disclaimer: Everybody don't receive the same way as that depends on individual efforts.

Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Vitamins and supplements,and other products in this site are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication.

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