Amazing Toner Premium (2-in - 1 set)

“It is excellent lihtening cream that reach the deepest body tissue to cleanse, nourish, freshen. ”

₦39,500.00 ₦43,500.00

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The Premium Amazing 2-in-1 set is an excellent lightening and glowing cream meticulously designed by a group of dermatologist using the best herbal extracts that has the ability to reach the deepest body tissue – some seven layers deep, to cleanse, nourish, freshen, smoothen and above all lighten the complexion. The addition of superior buffering herbs and antioxidant complex enables the cream to permeate deeper and faster, delivering the natural goodness into the skin with predictable accuracy. It is 3 times more efficacious than the regular as the difference is seen within 14 days.
Amazing day – glows, nourishes and moisturizes with amazing radiance.

Disclaimer: Everyone respond differently. Vitamin, supplements and other products in this site are not drugs or medicine to replace medication.

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