Feminine Herbal Complex

“Herbal blend to help women achieve state of optimal wellbeing, comfort and calmness. ”

₦10,500.00 ₦12,500.00

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Hormonal Imbalance : Use Feminine Herbal Complex

Feminine herbal complex supports calmness, boosts spirits, and promotes a positive mental attitude. Promotes normal female physiology and function

  • Supports women's unique cyclical needs.
  • Supports calmness, boosts spirits, and promotes a positive mental attitude.
  • Promotes normal female physiology and function.








  • 10 herbs in a delicate, balanced mix.
  • With St. John's wort, shown to help support calmness, boost spirits, and promote positive mental attitude*.
  • With vitex and red sage, shown to support normal female physiology and function*.






Take 1 tablet each morning and night.


Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Vitamins and supplements,and other products in this site are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication.

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