Fibroid Treatment - Small Size Package

“Shrink Fibroid naturally and to avoid going for surgery ”

₦40,900.00 ₦45,700.00

Hard to decide? Ask your friends :)

Fibroid treatment small size package:
If you suffering from uterus fibroid health challenge you can use this package to melt the fibroids.
This package can be use twice or more to shrink fibroid without taking the risk of fiborid surgery. If you still want babies, you can get pregnant while on this combination as it is safe and improve fertility naturally.
For this to be effective, stop all fertility drugs you have been taking and change your diet by reducing or eliminating sugary foods and avoid too much carbohydrates.
Amitone take 3 tables at night after 3 hours after meals
Tre en en take 2 capsules morning and 2 evening
Vitamin C  take 2 tablets morning, 2 afternoon and 2 evening
Chelated calmag  take 2 tablets morning and 2 evening
Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Vitamin and Supplements are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication.
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