“Provides protein plus essential vitamins and nutrients. Ideal for the whole family. ”

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Fast facts about Nutrishake
Best quality protein to build and repair the body. It helps in recovering from illness faster.You can use it as protein shakes any time of day.
  • 10 grams of protein per serving.
  • Provides all 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition.
  • Supports easy digestion with plant derived enzymes.
  • Can be mixed with milk, fruit juice, and/or whole fruits for delicious, frothy shakes.
  • 10 grams of protein and only 340 kilojoules per serving.
  • Provides quick as well as lasting energy from a special blend of carbohydrates.
  • Plant derived enzymes for easy digestion.
  • Low in lactose.
  • Mixes easily with milk, juice or water.
  • Variety of flavours.


Using a shaker or blender, mix 2 slightly heaped scoops (20 g) of Nutrishake in 250 ml of low fat milk or your favourite juice.

Nutrishake is most satisfying when served chilled!

For more variety, taste, and nutrition, add fresh or frozen fruit. For an even frothier, thicker drink, add a few ice cubes while blending.

Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Vitamins and supplements,and other products in this site are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication.




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