Super 10 (1 litre)

“Super 10 is your choice for the toughest cleaning jobs. ”

₦7,500.00 ₦9,500.00

Hard to decide? Ask your friends :)

GNLD: Super 10 for removing stubborn fabric stains and all cleaning job | in Nigeria

Effective on every tough job from removing stubborn fabric stains to cleaning garage floors.

Industrial strength that's harmless to any surface where it's safe to use water.

Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way.

Non fragranced option also available.

  • Triple action formula with soaps, solvents and surfactants to wipe away dirt and grime.
  • Industrial strength, yet safe for you and your home.
  • Each bottle has the cleaning power of over 20 similar competitive products.







LIGHT DUTY CLEANING: Dilute 1 part Super 10 with 10 parts water in a Golden Spray Bottle.

HEAVY-DUTY CLEANING: Dilute 1 part Super 10 with 3 parts water in a Golden Spray Bottle. Spray on, agitate and let stand for a few minutes. Wipe off.





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